Where Profit is Made

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Shot in France's World Heritage city of Arles during the Rencontres d'Arles - the world's largest photography gathering - Where Profit is Made presents a different reality to that of the city's vaunted Roman remains and Van Gogh memorabilia.

Excluded from any guidebook, this is an Arles of desolate industrial zones, poverty-stricken traveler encampments, and high-security prisons. An area in which, palpably, the lust for profit reigns and costs are minimized.

Divided into three sections - Rails, Scraps and Streets - Marx's sharp insights into the nature of profit, capitalism - and the individual capitalist - are set against the photographer's images of the areas in which the process of profit-making takes place.

Hardback | 64pp | Monochrome on 105g archival paper | 235mm x 191mm | 9.25" x 7.5" | First edition, 2019 | ISBN: 978-1-912528-15-8 | FREE worldwide shipping

Graeme Farnell is a photographer and film-maker. After studying sociology and fine art at Edinburgh University and film-making at the London Film School, his work as a museum professional has included leadership of the Scottish Museums Council and the UK Museums Association. His work is fieldwork-based, analytical and has been shown at leading European film festivals.