This Miraculous Saint Grants Everything. No Matter How Difficult.

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Architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner called this cathedral a "sensational, extraordinary" building.

But today's visitors have quite different things on their minds. Forgiveness for hitting a mother. Protection against the odds. A son in danger. Better health. Despite the luxury of their immediate surroundings, they face problems of violence, addiction, health, relationships and more. 

However, detailed instructions are available which will guarantee - with patience and submission - the help of a Saint. With everything. 

Juxtaposing powerful images and thought-provoking texts, Graeme Farnell's book analyses reality through the experiences of its participants.

Hardback | 64pp | Colour on 105g archival paper | 235mm x 191mm | 9.25" x 7.5" | First edition, 2019 | ISBN: 978-1-912528-06-6 | FREE worldwide shipping

Graeme Farnell is a photographer and film-maker. After studying sociology and fine art at Edinburgh University and film-making at the London Film School, his work as a museum professional has included leadership of the Scottish Museums Council and the UK Museums Association. His work is fieldwork-based and analytical and has been shown at leading European film festivals.