The Shop as Work of Art [Digital Edition]

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The first in a trilogy of books exploring and analyzing contemporary retailing, The Shop as Work of Art is also the first of our digital-first titles being made freely available to BarvasFoto Members. In due course, all three books will be published as print editions.

The Shop as Work of Art explores what retail looks like in areas of deprivation and "multiple deprivation". And in these areas, often a short distance from "prime retail" shopping destinations, both the shops and their communities are far from flourishing and firmly excluded from tourist guidebooks.

Under capitalism, investment in retail is inextricably linked to maximizing profit rather than meeting to the needs of the people.

Digital file | 64pp | Colour | First edition, 2019 | Digital download

Graeme Farnell is a photographer and film-maker. After studying sociology and fine art at Edinburgh University and film-making at the London Film School, his work as a museum professional has included leadership of the Scottish Museums Council and the UK Museums Association. His work is fieldwork-based, analytical and has been shown at leading European film festivals.