Bayble: Capital of Poetry [Digital Edition]

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Fifty miles off the west coast of Scotland lies the Isle of Lewis, two-and-a-half hours by sea from the mainland. One of the 94 small townships and villages on the island is called Bayble. Fewer than 400 people live there.

This tiny settlement has reared an unprecedented number of poets. Three are internationally acclaimed - despite their work not being in English. The area has been called the "poetry capital of the world", and the emergence of Bayble poets in such numbers into the European mainstream, "unparalleled".

Graeme Farnell's book, in a series of stark, simple diptychs, explores the environment which helped produce this phenomenon - its architecture, coast, and landscape. At times beautiful, at others decaying, the setting - and the poetry it has inspired - are both powerful and unique. 

Digital file | 64pp | Colour | First edition, 2019 | Digital download

Graeme Farnell is a photographer and film-maker. After studying sociology and fine art at Edinburgh University and film-making at the London Film School, his work as a museum professional has included leadership of the Scottish Museums Council and the UK Museums Association. His work is fieldwork-based and analytical and has been shown at leading European film festivals.