A Lot of Mud to Work In

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The remote North Norfolk coast of England is one of the most idyllic and iconic of European landscapes, loved alike by the aristocracy of the 18th century and the tourists of the 21st. 

For local people, fishing has been a way of life here for over 2000 years. But working in the mussel fishing industry - today still almost unchanged for generations - is like living in a different world. Graeme Farnell's book is a uniquely detailed record of the work of the mussel fishermen on that same coast as - with hand-made nets still cut from the local hedgerows - they cultivate and harvest their sought-after crop in soaking wet, freezing cold, windswept and isolated conditions. The result powerful and haunting.
Supported by extracts from detailed oral history interviews, the work is made available here for the first time.
Hardback | 64pp | Monochrome on 105g archival paper | 235mm x 191mm | 9.25" x 7.5" | Second edition, 2019 | ISBN: 978-1-912528-14-1 | FREE worldwide shipping
Graeme Farnell is a photographer and film-maker. After studying sociology and fine art at Edinburgh University and film-making at the London Film School, his work as a museum professional has included leadership of the Scottish Museums Council and the UK Museums Association. His work is fieldwork-based, analytical and has been shown at leading European film festivals.